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Thank you for asking! It’s very important to ask this question of any service company that may be doing work in and around your home or business. To answer your question: yes, we are fully bonded and insured. We actually carry double the recommended coverage for your peace of mind and ours.

Yes! Our team here at  Mop Monkey have searched worldwide for eco-friendly cleaning products that are safe for your family and pets, while helping to minimize our carbon footprint. Our Pro-Cleaners are trained specifically in how to use these products properly, so you won’t notice a decrease in quality versus a standard chemical cleaner.

We are The Mop Monkey Team comfortable with your furry friends. When building your file, our Client Care Representative will ask you for the name of your pet and any special instructions regarding their care while we are in your home. All cleaning products used by  Mop Monkey are eco-friendly and completely safe for pets!

At  Mop Monkey, we only charge you for the time we need to clean your home. It is not uncommon for us to finish an appointment early. If we do finish early, you will be credited the difference, saving you money!

No. You are not required to provide any supplies, cleaning products, or a vacuum. Each of our Mop Monkey Crew Members is outfitted with over $1000 of professional grade tools and eco-friendly cleaning supplies. If, however, you would rather we use your own supplies and/or products, just let us know! We can take customized requests if you would like a certain product used in your home or in a specific area of your home.

We want our clients to want to use us. You are never required to sign a contract. We do have a cancellation policy. We require 3 full business days notice if you need to cancel or change any upcoming appointments. When you provide 3 or more full business days notice, there is no cancellation fee. If you provide less than 3 full business days notice, you will be charged 50% of your appointment cost. If you cancel your appointment the day of, or we cannot gain access into your home, you will be charged 100% of your appointment cost.

Weight – We have a 20 lb. weight limit for safety reasons. We are accustomed to moving smaller items like dining table chairs, small ottomons, etc. to clean under. If you would like any heavier furniture or appliances cleaned under, you’re welcome to move it and we’ll be happy to clean under it upon request.

Heights – We are limited to a 2 foot or shorter step stool. Safety is of the utmost importance to us. Please keep in mind that in most cases, the tops of kitchen cupboards are outside of our reach. Some lighting fixtures are also out of our reach. 

Clutter – We will work around any highly-cluttered areas to the best of our ability. Same goes with areas used for storage, like underneath beds and on top of cabinets. We are always happy to customize your cleaning service, so please let our office know if you’d like these types of things removed to clean under and behind. As long as they are within the boundaries of weight/height, we’re happy to help!

Outdoor Areas – Our equipment isn’t designed for cleaning outside surfaces such as patios, decks, rough concrete floors, unfinished basements, garages, exterior windows, etc. If you can provide a broom, we’ll be happy to sweep out any of those areas upon request.

Pet Messes/Body Fluids – This includes, but is not limited to: litter boxes, pet messes, bird guano, blood, feces, urine, and overflowed toilets. Cleaning body fluids (including that of our furry friends) is something we do not do.

Mold – Some amount of pink/orange mildew, or even darker mold, is common in some homes. Don’t worry – we can clean small amounts of mold. Large amounts of mold in shower areas, on walls, etc. can affect air quality and pose a safety issue. We aren’t able to clean in rooms that are heavily affected by mold, or in homes with heavy mold infestations.

Bugs – We apologize that we aren’t able to offer post-fumigation cleanings. We ask that any bug infestations or fumigation clean-ups are completed in their entirety before we enter a home.

Fireplaces – The soot/ash from a fireplace will damage our equipment, especially our vacuums. Simply provide a broom and dust pan, and we’ll be happy to sweep out the fireplace upon request.

Laundry – We do not offer any laundry services such as ironing or washing/drying your items.

Carpet Cleaning – We do not offer carpet cleaning services. 

The Following Is A List Of Items We Do Not Clean – The inside of light fixtures, unreachable light fixtures, window screens, or cloth blinds

Unless Specifically Requested, The Following Items Are Not Included In Your Clean – Inside of your dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, washing of dishes, or cleaning your hood fan

Biohazards – Given the potential risks associated with biohazards, their proper management and containment are crucial to protect public health, the environment, and the safety of individuals working with or around these materials.

Sharps – Proper management of sharp waste is essential to prevent injuries, protect healthcare workers, and minimize the risk of disease transmission. If you have sharp waste to dispose of, it’s important to follow the guidelines and regulations in your local area to ensure safe and responsible disposal.

Diabetic needles – It’s important for individuals with diabetes to follow their healthcare provider’s guidance on using diabetic needles and managing their insulin injections. Proper needle disposal is crucial to prevent accidental needlesticks and to minimize environmental impact. Many regions have specific guidelines for the safe disposal of medical sharps, including diabetic needles.



Mop Monkey Working Process

Initial Assessment
Before we begin cleaning, we conduct an initial assessment of your space. This helps us understand your specific cleaning requirements, any areas that may need extra attention, and any special instructions you may have.
Customized Cleaning Plan
Based on the assessment, we create a customized cleaning plan tailored to your needs. This plan ensures that we address all the cleaning tasks effectively and efficiently.
Customer Satisfaction
Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. After the cleaning process is done, we encourage you to inspect the space and provide feedback. If there are any concerns, we’ll address them promptly.

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